55 Dundas East

Started in Oct. 2018 | Area: 17,000 SF to 25,000 SF
Major Intersection: Yonge St. & Dundas St. E.

  • A very characteristic mix-use of commercial and student residence project in the heart of downtown Toronto neighborhood
  • Super easy access to Dundas Square, Eaton Centre, City TV and the main campus of Ryerson University

Currently the building has 6 stories (including the look-out basement) with great tenants including Optical, Clinic, Wellness Center, Pharmacy and Toronto Film School. In the near future, the building will reconstructed into a 8-story building, with all kinds of living facilities completed.

This building is perfectly centred with only walking distance to Yonge Street – the high street and Bay Street – Toronto’s financial centre. The land value has been skyrocketing for years. Plus, the public transport system around is highly easy for your access, 150 meters from Dundas Square Metro Station, 200 meters from Eaton Centre and within easy reach of many buses around.