Luxury Duplex Custom Homes in Toronto Downtown nearby Casa Loma

Started in 2020 | Area: 9,000 SF
Major Intersection: Spadina Rd. & St. Clair Ave.

This project has four luxury duplex custom homes, located in Casa Loma community, downtown Toronto.

Casa Loma is one of the most exclusive and desirable real estate markets in Toronto. Centrally located, the neighbourhood is tucked away into an enclave of South Hill and has been quaintly named after one of Toronto’s most famous historical landmark, which is in the vicinity itself – Casa Loma.

Casa Loma is home to an array of natural and modern amenities right at its threshold, including many restaurants, parks, and excellent schools. From several “Children at Play” signs to neat public displays, it’s evident that residents in this pedestrian-friendly community, genuinely care about their peaceful suburb.

Casa Loma primarily comprises a wealthy and tight-knit community and is a haven for well-to-do families, empty nesters, working professionals, and seniors. Singles constitute about 48% of the residents and couples and families make up the remaining 33% and 19% respectively.