A Toronto based real estate developer specializing in premium residential properties in Canada

Who We Are

CoStone Development is one of the most innovative real estate development company specializing in premium residential properties. Our headquarter office is located in Toronto, the most dynamic metropolitan in Canada and worldwide as well.

We create communities at the best locations that are synergistic with their environment for providing pride in home ownership, yielding social return within the community, and creating substantial economic value. We are a multidisciplinary group of people experienced in land development, urban planning, construction, finance, legal procedures, marketing, and sales.

With our combined cross-industry and cross-cultural experience, we have a successful and proven track record of acquiring, redeveloping, and completing projects.

On-Going Projects

We are currently developing some significant projects in the heart of Toronto, and we believe we are creating the exceptional communities and experience where our customers live, work and play, for today and the future.

Completed Projects

We have successfully yielded some of Metro Toronto’s notable developments, often involving innovative solutions for highly complex sites.

Upcoming Projects

We don’t just stop here. Following are some potential projects we may turn into reality.