Who We Are

CoStone Group is one of the most innovative real estate development companies that adds value to real property with the fusion of top talents and professionals. CoStone Group team obtains reliable information and resources, as well as implementing technology to increase capital.

As a developer and investment management company, CoStone has been generating stable and superior returns since its foundation. We leverage our extensive experience and utilize public and private investment vehicles to bring distributions and protections to our investors.


The core of CoStone’s mission is to create notable quality residential, commercial and industrial communities with our insight into property locations, innovative development spirit, and sustainable development strategy to build socially and environmentally responsible communities that benefit society and people’s lives.


To build the most innovative real estate platform ecosystem, and to empower the advancement of urban development and the growth of the North American economy.


At CoStone, we value R.I.S.E, which stands for Responsibility, Innovation, Synergy, and Environment.

  • Responsibility

    Be responsible to our clients, investors, partners, and deliver outstanding real estate projects.

  • Synergy

    Closely works with the investors, partners, and stakeholders to advance our strategy, plans, construction, and service, and eventually reach the shared goal for the projects, tasks, or investments.

  • Innovation

    Apply state-of-art technologies and management approaches in every process and utilize them to create landmarks and milestones for urban development.

  • Environment

    Create environmentally friendly and sustainable communities with advanced technology and modern techniques